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Yoga Therapy for Embodied Writing ft. Niya Bijaj

In this episode, I’ve got 5 tips for shifting from late summer’s chaotic energy to fall’s smoother, more flowy energy. After that, we’re talking to yoga therapist and ayurvedaist Niya Bijaj on how you can use yoga therapy to bring more flow, creativity, and LESS burnout to your autumn so you can get back to embodied writing.

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Niya Bajaj is an internationally accredited yoga therapist and narrative based medicine facilitator who helps exhausted women eliminate fatigue, manage their weight, and nourish themselves so they can stay focused and present to create the impact they want in the world.  She collaborates with changemakers from all walks of life to design accessible, purposeful, nourishing wellbeing practices that take yoga beyond asana so they can be in better relationship with their body, breath and mind to influence healthier and more sustainable relationships with the world around them. 

Connect with Niya on her website, or at LinkedIn or Instagram.

As writers, we often find ourselves stalling out after hours-long searches for the perfect word, or pulling our hair out because the narrative isn’t quite hitting that sweet spot you know it should. We wreck ourselves worrying if our books are going to resonate with our readers… or if they’ll even read past the first page.

All that can lead to a stuckness we’d rather not have. And getting back into an embodied writing practice can help.

What Does it Mean to Be Embodied?

When we talk about being “embodied,” it’s about being fully present, aware, and engaged with our physical selves. It involves a deep connection between the mind and body, where you not only recognize bodily sensations and emotions but also accept and integrate them into your daily experiences.

This concept is often emphasized in practices like yoga or meditation, where the focus is on aligning one’s physical state with their mental and emotional states to achieve a more harmonious, conscious way of living.

Essentially, it’s about living in the moment through the lens of your physical presence, fully experiencing life through your senses and your corporeal being.

Embodied Writing

Embodied writing is all about diving deep into your physical and emotional experiences and letting them spill onto the page.

When you write this way, you’re not just sitting at a desk—you’re reliving moments, feeling every sensation, and embracing every emotion that comes up. It’s about using these visceral experiences as the raw material for your words, making your writing ring true and hit hard. This method makes everything more real, more palpable; it’s like you’re inviting the reader to step right into your shoes and see the world through your eyes.

For anyone looking to bring authenticity and emotional depth to their work, embodied writing is a powerful tool. It bridges the gap between personal experience and universal relevance, making the personal profoundly universal.

The Role of Yoga in Enhancing Your Writing

And that’s how yoga therapy can help: It helps you get embodied.

Yoga therapy is a unique blend of movement and mindfulness tailored specifically to enhance your creative flow.

As writers, you spend hours hunched over keyboards, lost in your thoughts and often disconnected from your physical self. Yoga therapy bridges this gap, reuniting mind and body through practices that root you back into the physical world, enriching your writing with textures and emotions felt through every breath and movement.

How Yoga Therapy Can Transform Your Practice

  • Deepens Physical Awareness: Yoga increases your awareness of bodily sensations, which can be channeled into descriptive, vivid writing.
  • Boosts Mental Clarity: Regular practice clears the mental clutter, sharpening focus and allowing clearer narratives to emerge.
  • Enhances Emotional Resilience: Yoga equips you to better handle the emotional ups and downs of the creative process, fostering a steadier pace of work.
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Incorporating Yoga Therapy into Your Writing Routine

Yoga therapy for writers isn’t about twisting yourself into complex poses; it’s about integrating simple, effective practices into your daily routine to improve both wellness and writing quality. Here’s how you can get started:

Simple Practices to Kickstart Your Journey

  1. Mindful Breathing: Before you write, take five minutes to practice deep breathing. This centers your mind and prepares your body to sit for long periods.
  2. Gentle Stretching: Engage in stretches that target the back, shoulders, and neck to prevent the stiffness and pain often associated with writing.
  3. Meditation: Even a brief period of meditation can help connect you with your core intentions and themes, making your writing sessions more productive.

The Impact of Embodied Writing on Your Work

When you adopt embodied writing, you’re not just crafting stories; you’re breathing life into them. Here’s what makes embodied writing transformative:

  • Authenticity: Writing that springs from embodied experiences carries a truth that resonates authentically with readers.
  • Sensory Detail: With a heightened awareness of your senses, your descriptions will capture the full essence of experiences, painting vivid imagery.
  • Emotional Depth: By channeling real emotions into your work, your words naturally carry a deeper emotional impact, making for a compelling read.

Why Every Writer Should Practice Embodied Writing

As a writer, your goal is to create pieces that are memorable and impactful. Embodied writing elevates your work from standard narratives to profound experiences that stick with readers long after they turn the page. Coupled with yoga therapy for writers, this approach ensures you are at your physical and emotional best, reflecting the depth and clarity in every piece you write.

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My Top 3 Takeaways from this Episode

The 3 things I loved most about my chat with Niya were:

  1. Yoga therapy is way different from a typical yoga class. Instead of a one-size-fits-all flow, a yoga therapist designs a personalized practice using movement, breath, meditation, and Ayurvedic principles to address your specific needs – whether that’s a physical issue, mental health concern, or something else.
  2. Doing yoga therapy can actually make you a better writer. By becoming more embodied and tuned into your senses, you’ll be able to describe experiences in a way that truly transports your readers. It’s like unlocking a whole new level of your creative potential.
  3. When trying yoga therapy, come at it with curiosity and self-compassion. Don’t be afraid if it brings up some tough emotions – that’s all part of the process. Just be willing to explore it with an open mind.

Let’s change some lives,

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