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Hi, I'm Holly Ostrout.

Book Coach for World-Changers. If you’re going to change the world with your book, I can help you do it.

I love books.

Hello! I’m Holly Ostrout and I’m a book coach with a vision of changing the world one book at a time, by teaching big-idea entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, and authors to create a book in a gentler, more effective way. A way that takes both you and your reader on a profound journey.

I’ll cut to the plot twist: I’m a master business coach who’s worked in publishing, went to grad school for publishing, and published both myself and dozens of other authors. I work with dedicated, aspiring authors who want to change the world (and book more clients!) with their book, but are frustrated because they are struggling to actually get it written (the right way!) and published (the right way!).

My proven Book Mapping™ process will take you on a journey to get your book into the world. Without all the misery and martyrdom of your typical hero.

I’m an author of both nonfiction and fiction. And some of my favorite books ever are Dune by Frank Herbert, The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, Burnout by Emily Nagasaki, PhD and Amelia Nagasaki, DMA, The Red Tent by Anita Diamant, The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley, The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett, and The Faithful Executioner by Joel F. Harrington

I’m also the founder of Books & Alchemy. In 2023, I decided to bring everything under my own name, rather than my pen-name, and so if you’ve been redirected from BooksAndAlchemy.com, that’s why!

I’ve been writing since 2002 and my first publication was a poem that made it into TeenInk magazine in April, 2002. (Aww!) I’m published as a ghostwriter + under my own pen names (multiple) and have helped over a hundred other writers easily plan, pen, and publish their books, both fiction and nonfiction, the right way, so readers actually read them. And I’m ready to help you next!

Holly Ostrout's Writing Ritual Creator. You can change the world with a book, but you've got to write it first. This Writing Ritual Creator will help you do just that.

Get some focus.
Create your opus.​

This free Writing Ritual Creator will help you build the foundation you need to write your book this year by giving you a little data so you can use that amazing intuition to create rituals that work.

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Writing a book changed my life.
It will change yours, too.

I spent 13 years working on my first book. Over 5 years on the first draft, 4 complete rewrites, dozens of edits, and more frustration than anyone ought to endure. Over those years, I started on and finished a number of other novels in a fraction of the time using the lessons I was learning along the way. 

Now, I’ve figured out the few keys to making writing books easy, fun, and fast, and I’ve seen this method work for hundreds of other authors, too.

It all has to do with Book Mapping™️ and the Heroine’s Journey (yes, even for the guys!).

Get these right, and it all falls into place.

If you’d like a peek behind the curtain, you can find me most often on LinkedIn and Instagram, where I share tips, mindset hacks, and all my silly quirks.

As your book coach, I'm here
to help you write a life-changing book. Fast.

We all start with the mess. The bright optimism. The thrill of a new idea.

But if you're willing to go with me on the Journey, you'll end up with a book that turns readers into clients, industry acquaintances into friends, and yourself into the world-changer.

I started my coaching practice because I saw, again and again, how amazing writers and entrepreneurs were struggling to finish their books because of outdated information and lack of support.

I realized it was time to step out of the corporate publishing and education world and use my talents, experiences, and hard-won skills to guide all the amazing folks with big ideas who were committed to writing a life-changing book, but just needed a little help.

My work with you is the result of everything I’ve learned—all the complicated experiments, all the emotional trials, all the late-night testing—over the years. 

We Book Map™ your business + apply my special adaptation of the Heroine’s Journey to help you write books that readers buy, read, finish, and LOVE. 

There’s one thing I know for certain, and that is: People who create a Heroine’s Journey in their books also create ravenous readers ready to book them plus a more smoothly running business for themselves

Like I said, writing a book is transformational for them and for you.

So if you’re ready to not only write a book, but to change lives—starting with your own—then I’ve got a quest for you:

Are you ready for the Journey?

Joyful, Easy Writing Can Be Yours

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