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8 Tips to Reclaim Your Passion for Writing

It’s a busy time of year, and that means we need to slow down inside and reflect on all the changes we’ve made over the year, all the ones we wanted to make and didn’t, and all the things we accomplished. Even the things we wanted to accomplish and didn’t. And if you’ve started losing your passion for writing, you’re in the right place.

You know that quote about history? It’s true for YOU, too.

If you don’t know your past, you’re doomed to repeat it.

And as we close out the year, I want to encourage you to look inward and be conscious of the things you want out of next year.

Is this next year the year you FINALLY publish your book?

The world is waiting for your magnum opus to be created. Take the first baby step towards making it happen.

6 Questions to Find Out How you Lost the Spark

If you’re feeling worn out, run down, or like you’re running in circles — know first that you’re not alone. We all get to those places sometimes. And when it comes to your writing, that drained feeling can be not only frustrating, but also disheartening.

We want to create our masterpiece novels. We want to publish our books. Why can’t we make ourselves sit down and write the damn things?

Everything that is ever created begins in the mind, and that includes your book. So let’s develop some mindset changes that will create the foundation for you to finally get your book in front of your readers.

When you’re in a writing funk, what matters is how you pull yourself out. With the new year fast approaching, it’s a perfect time to start fresh.

Ask These 6 Questions

  1. What did I accomplish this year that moved me forward?
  2. What did I plan to do, but not get to?
  3. Did the path I was on this year feel purposeful?
  4. Am I passionate about my path?
  5. What obstacles were in my way this year?
  6. What things kept me from doing my best work this year?

With those questions, you can find out whether or not the path you were on this year is one you want to continue. Will it get you where you want to be in your author career?

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You may find that you did much better than you thought this year.

Or you may find that what you thought was a passion for you, just… isn’t. Maybe it’s not the story you want to tell.

That’s what happened to a friend of mine, and fortunately, she figured it out quickly! She pivoted to what she REALLY wanted to work on and was able to zoom right through the first draft! It’s never too late to change your mind if you find that what you’ve been working on isn’t doing it for you anymore. You don’t owe that to anyone.

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8 Ways to Find that Passion for Writing Again

Getting back that passion for writing isn’t about writing some magical sentence; it’s about reconnecting with the spark that made you want to write in the first place. In the hustle and bustle of life, it’s way too easy for our inner storyteller to go silent.

1. Acknowledge Your Inner Heroine’s Journey

Don’t forget the Heroine’s Journey—not as a lofty idea but as a reflection of the creative process.

Just like any protagonist in any novel, you’ll face your own set of challenges in writing. Recognize each phase—from the Descent to the Search to the Ascent—from feeling disconnected from your work to those breakthrough moments when everything starts to gel.

It’s all about pushing forward and finding your way back to your passion for writing. When you take a Heroine’s Journey through this process, it makes it feel easier to just sink back into a space that allows the writing to flow.

Simplify with Book Mapping

Use Book Mapping as a strategy to navigate through your jumbled thoughts—writing is a journey that we take step by step, and that means we need waypoints to find the way.

It’s a way to organize, refine, and deepen your narrative, connecting you to your expertise.

Book Mapping not only clarifies your thoughts but also highlights the potential impact of your book, allowing you to plan for a book that readers love.

Your books could be the guiding light someone else needs—whether you’re writing fiction or nonfiction!—reigniting not just their love of reading but also giving you a light to find your way back to your own passion for writing.

Create Your Ideal Writing Space

Your environment significantly influences your ability to tap into your passion for writing.

It’s less about the physical space and more about creating a vibe where your creativity thrives. Find that perfect spot where your mind can wander freely. And don’t underestimate the power of a consistent writing habit—writing a bit every day can do wonders for keeping the flame of your passion for writing burning.

Visualization and Rituals

Before you start typing, take a moment to visualize your success. What we believe, we receive (a tenet both from Law of Attraction and also from Matthew 21:22), and when we start to believe in ourselves, we somehow just do better.

Picture your thoughts flowing effortlessly. Picture the perfect words coming. Imagine writing the last word, seeing the book live on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

This mental prep can set the right tone for your writing session. Incorporate simple rituals that signal to your brain it’s time to get creative. It could be something as simple as a cup of tea or a specific playlist. These actions can turn writing from a chore into a ritual you cherish.

Use the Right Tools

If logistics are dampening your passion for writing, explore different writing apps and tools. From Google Docs for its simplicity to Scrivener for its organizational capabilities, find what works for you.

A tool that fits your workflow can make the process more enjoyable and less of a hurdle.

I personally really like Atticus and Ulysses these days!

Create More Efficient Strategies

Consider techniques like the Pomodoro Technique for concentrated writing sessions or dedicate the first 90 minutes of your day to writing.

These methods help with time management and establishing a steady writing habit, making the act of writing an integral part of your daily life and nurturing your passion for writing.

Lean on Your Community

The value of a supportive community can’t be overstated. Engage with writing groups, forums, or social media channels to connect with like-minded individuals. This network can offer the motivation and encouragement needed to sustain your passion for writing through shared experiences and advice.

Keep Your Audience in Mind

As you put pen to paper, remember the journey you’re guiding your readers through. Your words have the capacity to inspire and transform.

Keep your audience’s needs at the forefront, and let that drive your writing. It’s not just about writing; it’s about embarking on a mission to make a difference, beginning with reigniting your passion for writing.

Ready to Remember Your Passion for Writing?

Reviving your passion for writing is a matter of reconnecting with your creative self, optimizing your environment and tools, engaging with a supportive community, and always remembering the impact your words can have.

By keeping things straightforward and focused, you’ll find that your love for writing doesn’t just return—it grows.

Here’s to rediscovering your passion for writing, one word at a time.

So what did you learn with your 6 questions? What changes are you going to make?

Let’s change some lives,

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