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7️⃣ Self-Love Practices for SERENE Creativity ft. Geraldine Crane

In this episode, we’re talking to Geraldine Crane who shares her spiritual guidance on applying the SERENE Way to self-love, healing mother wounds, and creating inner peace.

If you ever find yourself struggling with self love and past wounds, that impact your creative life and trusting your own judgement, then don’t miss this episode.

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Geraldine is a Serene Spiritual Empowerment Guide helping women, rebuild their self-worth, after a difficult or harmful relationship with their mother. Using Serene Spiritual Hypnotherapy and coaching Geraldine reconnects them to their inner wisdom and inner power, whilst also enabling them to feel the love of their Spirit Guides, so they can embrace their magnificence and start having happier, healthier relationships in all areas of their lives.

Connect with Geraldine on her website, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.

Can You Heal Your Emotional Wounds with Self-Love?

As a creative, whether you’re a writer, artist, or visionary entrepreneur, you pour your heart and soul into your work. But what happens when the very people who should have nurtured and supported you — your family — have instead left deep emotional wounds?

These “mother wounds” can wreak havoc on your self-worth, confidence, and ability to fully step into your creative power.

As someone who has also grappled with my own mother wounds, I found her insights incredibly powerful and immediately knew I needed to share them with you.

If you’ve been feeling stuck, self-doubting, or struggling to make progress on your passion projects, the SERENE process could be exactly what you need to break through.

Let’s dive in.

What is the SERENE Way?

The SERENE Way is a 7-step, 7-month program that Geraldine created to help women heal from difficult or harmful relationships with their mothers. Each letter in the acronym represents a key focus area:

  • S — Stillness: Learning to quiet your mind and reconnect with your true self.
  • E — Emotions: Embracing and honoring your emotions instead of pushing them down.
  • R — Reconnection: Rebuilding a relationship with your inner wisdom and spirit guides.
  • E — Energy: Protecting your energetic boundaries and aligning with high vibe vibes.
  • N — Now: Cultivating presence and living in the moment.
  • E — Empowerment: Fully embodying your worthiness and shining your light.

As Geraldine shared, these seven steps are designed to guide you through the process of reclaiming your self-love, confidence, and creative spark after the damage of mother wounds.

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How Do I Know If I Need Self-Love?

As I was talking with Geraldine, one thing really stood out to me – the insidious way that mother wounds can erode your self-worth and self-acceptance. Does this resonate with you at all?

Geraldine shared how this played out for her when she was first starting her business. Even though she was so passionate about her work, she was terrified of what her family and friends would think. She was constantly second-guessing herself and “scared of what my extended family would think of what I did, especially because I’m so spiritual and not a lot of them are.”

I have to admit, that sounds all too familiar to me. So many creatives with mother wounds end up in a similar position — we’re so desperate for approval from the very people who wounded us that we end up holding ourselves back from fully shining.

Can you relate to that struggle at all? I know I’ve been there. Constantly seeking external validation, people-pleasing, and doubting my own judgment — these were all telltale signs that I had some deep self-love work to do.

But the good news is, it is possible to break free from this cycle and start to cultivate that unshakeable self-love and confidence.

How to Find (and Keep) Self-Love

The good news is, through practices like the SERENE method, it is possible to break free from this cycle and cultivate deep, unwavering self-love. As Geraldine wisely pointed out, “You can’t attach your happiness and your well-being to other people’s perceptions of you. Because for a start, somebody’s opinion of you can change like that. So you’re building on sand.”

Instead, the key is to build your self-worth and self-trust from the inside out.

This is where the SERENE steps come in:

  • Stillness: Make time for daily practices like meditation, journaling, or time in nature to quiet your mind and reconnect with your true self.
  • Emotions: Get curious about your emotions instead of pushing them away. What are they trying to tell you? How can you work with them instead of against them?
  • Reconnection: Deepen your relationship with your intuition, higher wisdom, and spiritual guides. Geraldine suggests simply asking them for help and being open to the signs they send your way.
  • Energy: Be vigilant about protecting your energy. If something or someone leaves you feeling drained, set clear boundaries.
  • Now: Cultivate presence by staying grounded in the here and now. Stop dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.
  • Empowerment: Consciously choose thoughts, behaviors, and habits that make you feel capable, worthy, and lit up from the inside.

The beautiful thing about this process is that it doesn’t just benefit your personal life — it can also have a profound impact on your creative pursuits. As Geraldine shared, when you commit to self-love, you’ll find that your business (or writing, or art) starts to thrive in a whole new way.

“If you really know yourself. And know what you’re doing’s right. And it’s not always easy…but you have that faith, like, I really feel this is… This is my purpose. This is what I’m here to do,” she explained. “That keeps me going even when business is struggling some days or I’m having to do my expenses, um, I feel like, oh, technology, which doesn’t come naturally to me, that keeps me going.”

In other words, when you come from a place of self-acceptance and inner trust, it becomes so much easier to keep showing up for your creative work, no matter what obstacles arise. The self-doubt, people-pleasing, and fear of judgment start to melt away, allowing your true brilliance to shine.

How to Create a Self-Love Practice for Your Writing

Ready to put the SERENE method into action for your own writing journey? Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Set aside time each day for stillness, whether that’s meditation, journaling, or simply spending time in nature. Use this quiet space to listen to your inner voice and tend to your emotional needs.
  • When self-doubt creeps in, pause and ask yourself: What is this emotion trying to tell me? How can I work with it instead of against it?
  • Regularly reconnect with your writing vision and purpose. What is your “why” behind putting pen to paper? Tap into that deeper sense of meaning.
  • Be vigilant about protecting your creative energy. Notice what leaves you feeling inspired and uplifted versus depleted and discouraged.
  • Stay grounded in the present moment as you write. Resist the urge to get caught up in perfectionism or worry about the future.
  • Celebrate your wins, no matter how small. Reinforcing your progress and capabilities is key to building unshakable self-love.

The journey of healing mother wounds and cultivating self-love is an ongoing one. But by implementing the SERENE method, you can start to break free from the constraints of the past and unleash your full creative potential.

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My Top 3 Takeaways for this Conversation

The 3 things I found most insightful in this conversation with Geraldine were:

  1. The power of the SERENE method to help creatives and writers heal from mother wounds and cultivate unshakeable self-love. I was really struck by how each step — from Stillness to Empowerment — could have such a profound impact on reclaiming our confidence and creative energy.
  2. The importance of protecting our energetic boundaries and being discerning about what (and who) we allow to influence us. Geraldine’s lighthouse analogy was such a powerful reminder that we have to keep our own light shining brightly, rather than trying to steer everyone else’s boats.
  3. The transformative role that reconnecting with our spirit guides and inner wisdom can play in the healing process. I loved Geraldine’s encouragement to approach this with openness and playfulness — it sounds like such a beautiful way to access the unconditional love and support we may have been missing.

Overall, this conversation left me feeling inspired and empowered to go deeper into my own self-love journey. Geraldine’s wisdom and vulnerability were truly special, and I’m grateful to have learned from her experience.

Let’s change some lives,

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