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I'm Holly Ostrout & I'm going to turn you into an author.

You really can change the world with a book.

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Books change the world.
Let’s start with yours.

I work with big-idea coaches, consultants, service providers, speakers, thought leaders, and authors who want to write a book that can change the world.

I have a vision of changing the world one book at a time, by teaching big-idea entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, and authors to create a book in a gentler, more effective way. 

A way that takes both you and your reader on a profound, transformational journey.

I see a future where we build trust in our words and our work with our books, and where the world becomes a better place because of the books we write.

  • Preconceptions start shifting
  • Empathy starts growing
  • Community begins to truly matter

My commitment is to bring to life books that are founded on integrity. The future starts here, with your very first sentence.

I’ll bring the map, but you’ll take us on the journey. 

If you’re ready to change the world—and your life—with a book, your quest awaits.

I'm not kidding about changing the world.

Did you know that published authors are perceived as more credible and knowledgeable in their respective fields? According to a study by the Book Industry Study Group, 81% of people believe that being an author increases an person’s expertise in their subject matter.

And writing a book can be a truly transformative experience for both the author and the reader.

It can literally change the world.

Think of Darwin’s On the Evolution of the Species. Of Orwell’s 1984. Of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’ The Communist Manifesto. Of Harriett Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Of Plato’s The Republic. Of The Arabian Nights. Of pretty much every one of Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets.

Of the Bible, the Qur’an, the Torah, and The Tibetan Book of the Dead.


Why not your book, too?


When you start from the beginning with the right method to take your reader on a Heroine’s Journey that excites, inspires, motivates, and primes them to want to work with you after reading, you’ve got yourself a winner.

That’s what I help you create. And yes, you can do this.

Even if you’re “not a writer.”

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